> Java EE i-team meeting on March 13, 9am California time, 5pm Prague time.

Attendees: Vince, Peter, Rico, Martin S, Erno, Tomas M, Radko, Martin A, Andrei, Stepan, Milan, Marek, Petr P, Tomasz S., Ken

> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown

webtier preso to product approval committee... informational. no real feedback

NB 6.0 concept phase approval meeting
  java editor improvements
  vwp integration
  scripting [JRuby]
      Javascript is an additional feature.
  Preview: Java One'ish
  Beta:  July'ish
  FCS: q4 of CY2007

The as 91 slip and related issues discussed...

SJSAS rename to Glassfish rumor

> 2. Engineering update

Rc1 march 21. changes requested by end of Friday

>    - NetBeans 5.5.1 status
>      showstoppers:
>   92478   Web service DD editor: Port component name listed multiple t

Peter integrating to release551

>   97082   Cannot debug web application with Glassfish

still waiting on Martin..

>   97132   Cannot create ws from WSDL/wsclient in project on GlassFish

Need to use an FCS build of jaxws stuff.

>   97279   NetBeans uses a non-FCS version of TopLink

may revert to 9.0 U1P1 version of the top link library
May put toplink update on the beta UC???

>    - NetBeans 6 status
>      Retouche rewrite

rewrite the crud generator

>      Visual web alignment

refactoring discussed.  page flow editor.

changes for web project CP modifier... plans for CP modifier on other project types

query editor

Plan: Visual web would be part of installer or build in MS8...

CSS, SQL, PageFlow are the components

>      Merged annotation model

Make the model available to Matisse to expose entity classes
No estimate on the delivery time... too wide open. No support for listening and that is blocking this work

>      Server infrastructure+plugins changes/datasources

Limited progress on the ddbean_removal
The resource work Merge to trunk by end on March
scheduling of merge affected by Vince and Stepan's vacation schedules

>      Web Services

multiple things: web services designer (3), rest (3), wsit and soap monitor

>      Matisse requirements on JPA

api for entity from db.  in progress

>      Editing/JavaScript/CSS

big changes integrated visual editor for CSS ready but needs a library to get integrated.

> 3. QE update

MS8 testing and 5.5.1 RC1 testing

> 4. HIE update
> 5. Docs update

New and noteworthy needs to be reviewed.

New process: anticipated features added to doc at start of milestone... reality check/edit at end of milestone.

> Status report:
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