> Java EE i-team meeting on April 10, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.

Attendees: Marek, Erno, Martin A, Tomas M, Peter W, Petr J, Honza H, Tomasz S, 
Shreedhar, Nitya

> 1. Passdown
> 2. Engineering update
>    - M9 planned features
>      What features will make it into M9?

The plan is to add the following features before M9:
* Annotation model infrastructure + JPA model
* JPA APIs for Matisse
* Javascript/CSS editing, including embedding in HTML, JSP and RHTML
* Web project import improvements
* JPA refactoring
* A few more JPA editor checks
* Sun Appserver multiview config editor
* Resource definition implementation for Sun Appserver
* Possibly driver deployment for Sun Appserver

Milestone 9 feature freeze is April 18.

>    - Tasks update
>      Server infrastructure+plugins changes/datasources
>      Merged annotation model

How to do the work related to the annotation model in the appserver plugin? Will 
need to update the plugin as the J2eeModule.getDeploymentDescriptor() method will 
change. At the same time, Peter is working on the changes for the multiview Sun-DD
editor. The decision is to complete the multiview change first, and then start 
working on the annotation model-related changes on a branch. Peter estimates this 
work to 2 weeks.

>      Retouche rewrite
>      Visual web alignment

VW quality behind. Consider decoupling this functionality from the release, in the 
sense of making it a separate installer component and possibly schedule-wise.

>      Web Services
>      Matisse requirements on JPA
>      Editing/JavaScript/CSS
> 3. QE update

Bug numbers way up - 14 P1s, 154 P2s!!!

> 4. HIE update
> 5. Docs update
> Status report:
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