• Method customizer
  • is used for EJB 'Add xxx method' and WS 'Add operation' actions
  • is going to be rewritten because of switch to Retouche
  • if something needs to be done in terms of HIE, it needs to be specified now
  • custom icons for some classes
  • in Java EE 5 projects we removed EJB logical view
  • Session beans and Entity classes are now visible only as standard ava classes in package view
  • it would be nice to have some different icons for those (also GUI forms have different icons)
  • also specific popup actions could make sense
  • should this work only for annotated classes or also for those specifiing metadata in XML? Retouche team input needed, maybe something like lazy changing of icon, because reading metadata from XML and annotations can be expensive and is dependant on project?
  • regrouping/moving actions in popup menu
  • actions like EJB 'Add xxx method', WS 'Add operation' and 'Enterprise resources'
  • better UI (not popup menu) for actions like Call EJB, Use EM, Use DB, maybe code completion? maybe Source menu?
  • Use Entity Manager action (needs a dialog)
  • currently it is only action in Java editor enabled if project contains persistence.xml. This action after invoking from popup generates some code which should be customized before (operation type: merge, update, delete; method name, ...)
  • JSF CRUD wizard
  • enable more customization?
  • document based web services
  • redesign of Sun resources wizards (needs to be discussed with Nitya and also Peter and Vince)
  • web services node structure could be simplified and moved to navigator
  • is that ok, to switch between Java source navigator and WS logical view?
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