Describes implemented JEE7 features, some not solved issues.


  • Wizards for filters/interceptors are implemented. There are two wizards: WebServices->JAX-RS 2.0 Filter/JAX-RS 2.0 Interceptor. They works only for JEE7 profile based project.
  • "Cross-Origin Resource Sharing Filter" wizard generates code based on the project profile: old (Jersey) strategy is used where JAX-RS 2.0 is not available and JAX-RS 2.0 based filter is generated for JEE7 profile.
  • RESTful Java Client. There is also two code generation strategies: old (Jersey based) client strategy and JAX-RS 2.0 based. Some issues exists in the generation logic at the moment.
    • Some cases (security involvement) still requires Jersey ( newer 2.X version ) specific classes. So the code is not pure JAX-RS 2.0 API based. It means that Jersey 2.X has to be included into the project's classpath.
    • Java client could be also generated for J2SE project and Jersey 2.X has to be included in project's classpath as well.
    • JEE project with with JEE7 profile without security involvement doesn't require any Jersey 2.X library in the classpath. Currently this is the only case when newer Java Client generated code strategy (JAX-RS2.0 based) is chosen in the wizard.
    • Old Jersey based code generation code strategy is used in any other case.
    • Jersey 2.X has to be bundled with NB when it's released.
    • It's seems that JEE6 servers (at least GF, WL) will not work with new Jersey. So both generation strategies should be used even when JAX-RS 2.0 will be available.
    • Extending project's classpath with Jersey lib should be reviewed.
  • It is possible to convert plain REST method to asynchronous. It is editor context action: Insert Code...->Convert Method to Asynchronous... (it is available only for REST method as a context in the editor).

Java API for WebSocket

  • Web->WebSocket Endpoint wizard generates web socket endpoint with one stub method for @javax.websocket.WebSocketMessage. There is a generic JEE7 profile issue : WebSocket API is not available in the JEE server classpath. Generated class contains a compilation errors as a consequence if this issue.
  • TODO : editor actions/hints in the editor for websocket endpoint to generate more WebSocket methods (for WebSocketOpen, WebSocketClose,....)
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