JavaDB grant permissions

How to grant permissions for Java DB / How to start Java DB

Related to issue #239962

JDK 7u51 comes with some security improvements which are causing problems with starting Java DB on this Java version.

When you try to start DB from NetBeans you will probably get the Exception: access denied ("" "localhost:1527" "listen,resolve")

The same exception you will get while starting using script <JDK 7u51 location>/db/bin/startNetworkServer

Because there is no suitable way to fix it on the NetBeans side and this should be fixed on the side of the Java DB.

There are several ways how to deal with this problem. I will mention only the easiest way. You have to start DB manually from command line.

  • Start Java DB with -noSecurityManager argument.
  <JDK 7u51 location>/db/bin/startNetworkServer -noSecurityManager
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