Tracking daily status updates via Jaiku

Jaiku is similar to Twitter of Facebook's "what's on your mind". We are going to use it for sharing what we are working on and how it is going.

Create Account

All team members are going to have an account on jaiku.com and will regularly (that is on daily basis) post their status update to nbjee6 channel. (once you are registered open or refresh channel page and there is Join link at the top next to channel name).

Our channel


What should I post?

Status updates should be posted regularly (let's start with daily frequency) and just to inspire you (do not feel limited by this) your updates should be posted:

  • whenever you are going to work on new task/subtask/feature/defect/...
  • whenever you have finished something
  • if working on a task for several days post daily status updates on
  • progress you are making (some, none, good, great, awesome, ...); and
  • what has been finished and what's next; and
  • how do you feel about what still needs to be done (easy to finish; getting more and more complicated; I'm lost; will need more time; will finish in a day or two, heeelp!, hellll!...)

What not to post

Do NOT use jaiku to:

  • discuss something
  • ask questions
  • make general announcements not related to your daily status update
  • anything not related to your daily status update

Use our mailing list for these instead. We may lift these restrictions (or create separate channels) later but for now let's KISS it (keep it simple stupid).

Why Jaiku?

  • it is SIMPLE
  • you cannot post more than 140 characters - that's a FEATURE!
  • we know who works on what and how it is going
  • we can comment on it - or start discussion on our mailing list
  • posts are grouped by days (of PST time unfortunatelly)
  • you can use RSS/Atom reader
  • if useful we can later deploy it locally at netbeans.org domain (it is Python open source project)
  • it does not feel as fragile as Twitter
  • no time lost if we decide to abandon it because it does not suit our needs

How to use Jaiku with an IM client

See http://www.jaiku.com/help/im.

  1. If you already have a Google Talk, LiveJournal or Jabber account, skip over to step 4.
  2. Set up a Google Mail account. Note: when I tried to set up a Google Talk account without Google Mail, it did not work. Creating a Google Mail account will also automatically give you a Google Talk account.
  3. Add this account in your IM client.
  4. Add jaiku@jaiku.com to your buddy list. Then, send an IM message to this contact containing the text (without the < and >): "SIGN IN <your Jaiku screen name> <your Jaiku password>"
  5. On your Jaiku homepage, go to Settings -> Your IM address and specify your IM address
  6. On your Jaiku homepage, go to Settings -> Notification Options and check "IM notifications to <your IM address>"
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