This Wiki is done using JSP technology, which hopefully makes it very easy to keep up to date and looking better than most of the Wikis based on the original one. A custom bean handles the translation of text into HTML.

Most of the editing markers have been styled according to the Sensei's Library, the best Go sites in the Internet. I find their markup very easy, yet clear.

This wiki is authored by Janne Jalkanen, and is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

If you are interested in the JSPWiki development, the home page for JSPWiki is at http://www.jspwiki.org. Some quick links:

Happy hacking, and thanks for choosing JSPWiki!

I like the NetBeans' JSPWiki template very mcuh. It looks very professional. I would like to use it for my intranet.

Can you share this template to the JSPWiki community? Thanks.

--oraps 11-Feb-2008 1:10PM PST

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