JEE 6: Dependency Injection and WebBeans

Web Beans Support Features

Misc ideas from NB users:
  • I think Netbeans can also help here, with an option to create a new kind of file with type producer (”new producer”) and add all this boilerplate code.
Priority Feature Description Issues Milestone State
P1 CDI bean code completion in EL EL code completion in JSF files should include beans managed by CDI 178687 NB69-M1 Done
P2 Object model API API which allows to find eligible for injection elements. Such elements should :have appropriate Qualifiers, conform to typesafe resolution, be enabled ( at least if they are alternatives then they should present in beans.xml ). NB69-M1 Done
P2 UI for Web Beans support Two actions : GoTo eligible for injection element and Inspect injectables. These actions are available for selected Java element in the source file. NB69-M1 Done
P2 simplify creation of beans.xml Creation of beans.xml should be simplified. Read this blog for illustration of all steps which need to be done to enabled CDI in project. Apart from adding new file wizard for beans.xml considering also to always create empty beans.xml in new EE 6 project. Alternatively create the file on demand (eg. after first usage of CDI class in project which do not contain beans.xml ask user or just create it - to be evaluated). Read also this post for reasons why beans.xml should not be always created automatically in each project - presence of the file is used to tell container which jars to evaluate for injectable classes and so user must be in charge of which jar should have beans.xml and which not. 89237 NB69-M1 Done
P2 Wizards for Web Beans There could be a number of wizards for CDI. Qualifiers could be created in the same manner as plain Java class ( they have strong requirements ). Stereotypes require user input on creation ( so there should be a real wizard ).

Probably other concepts could be supported via UI.

89237 NB69-M1 Done
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