New specification with no previous support. Areas relevant for IDE support are:

  • beans descriptor creation and editing support


  • M1 - no work planned
  • M2 - provides basic editing support



  • WB.1 DROPPED (P1, Denis, M2, 1-2W) create readonly metadata model for beans.xml (relevant information is: bean names, new biding types, new stereotypes, and perhaps enabled deployment types)
  • WB.2 DROPPED (P1, Denis, M2, 1-5D) enhance Java code completion based on Web Beans metadata model
  • WB.3 DROPPED (P2-3, TBD, M2, 1-2W) editor support for beans.xml editing and creation
  • WB.4 DROPPED(P3, TBD, M2) advanced editing support for beans.xml (refactorings, error hints, etc.)
  • WB.5 DONE (P1, Denis, M2) create readonly metadata model for accessing to injectables from injection point ( annotation based ).
  • WB.6 DONE (P2, Denis, M2) implement "Go To Injectable" (or Go To Injected) which opens class which will be injected to a field under caret in editor. While this fits into category of editor refactorings this would be highly useful feature worth to implement.

Non-JEE6 Tasks:

  • (P2-3) TaskList integration - implement WebBeans specific editor hints and task list items
  • (P2-3) refactoring - implement refactoring for WebBeans

Other tasks currently not planned:

  • GUI editor for beans.xml
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