Relevant changes:

  • Facelets
  • annotations in addition to faces-config.xml
  • AJAX
  • composite components

Open issues:

  • can two different page declarion laguages be used at the same time in one application? if yes then make sure JSP and Facelets can coexist in one project
  • check whether it is possible to add "composite components" to palette (or code snippets palette?) or if it would make sense to provide support for it


  • M1 - enables basic Facelets development and enhances deployment descriptor metamodel
  • M2 - improves Facelets support


  • JSF.1.1 DONE (P1, Marek, M1, 1-5D) migrate sources to NB repository and make new module part of the standard build
  • JSF.1.2 DONE (P1, Alexey, M1, 1-3W) integrate existing Facelets framework into JSF framework as new default page declaration language and allow user to configure it; this should preserve the ability to choose other JSF implementations which do not come with Facelets (eg. JSF 1.2)
  • JSF.1.3 DONE (P1, Marek, M1, 1W) refresh nbfaceletssupport's existing editing support and make sure its basics are working properly (code completion, ...)
  • JSF.1.4 DONE (P2-3, Marek, M1, 1-2W) update facelets support to use latest API (eg. Parsing API, CLS API, ...)
  • JSF.1.5 DONE (P2-3, Marek, M2, 1-2W) advanced editor support for facelet source files (refactorings, error hints, ...)
  • JSF.1.6 DONE (P2-3, Marek, M2) provide wizards/support for Facelets TagLibs
  • JSF.1.6 DONE (P3-2, Marek, M2) provide support for composite components, eg. their resuse via component palette, etc.
  • JSF.1.7 (P1, Marek, M1, 1-2D) automatically disable nbfaceletssupport module to avoid clashing
  • JSF.2 DONE (P1, Alexey, M1, 1-5D) bundle JSF 2.0 libraries with JSF framework; check what other libraries it makes sense to distribute: Facelets 1.1.14, My Faces, etc. (some of these are part of nbfaceletssupport module - so talk to Marek what his plans are)
  • JSF.3 DONE (P1, Denis, M1, 1-3W) update metamodel for faces-config.xml to merge all other faces-config.xml files on classpath and cover also elements registered via annotations; metamodel should stay updatable and changes should be written to faces-config.xml
  • JSF.4 DONE (P2, David, M2) update 'JSF page from Entity Classes' wizard to generate facelets or JSP pages; improve the code generated by the wizard
  • Editing tasks: JSFFaceletsEditing

Non-JEE6 Tasks:

  • (P1) lower bug count
  • (P2-3) TaskList integration - implement/enhance JSF specific editor hints and task list items
  • (P2-3) refactoring - implement/enhance refactoring for JSF (for example rename of a getter of managed Java bean should rename references to that method in JSF pages; find usages should report usages from JSF pages, etc.)
  • DONE (P2, Alexey, M2)) fix basic editor features, for example code completion or goto source does not work on a variable defined in JSF page for list iteration; references to non-existent manage bean methods should be underlined in JSF pages
  • (P3) consider dropping/improving visual page navigation - it would be more useful if navigation could be modified through it; on JSF pages which are not using <navigation-case> it is pretty much useless

Other tasks currently not planned:

  • provide some examples/demo/wizards for AJAX in JSF
  • provide some examples/demo/wizards for composite components in JSF
  • Bean Validation (JSR 303) - support for validation.xml editing etc.
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