Proposals for release after 6.8:

  • add jpa 2.0 annotations support in editor (i.e. hints, verification, highlighting if necessary), also some old issues like 82549
  • from 6.8: update 'Entity Classes from Database' wizard to use Derived Identities if appropriate
  • parsing, refactoring support for named queries (73934)
  • issue 101556 (support pu from archives)
  • remove toplink library
  • add jpa 2,0 support for non eclipselink libraries if will be ready (?hibernate?)
  • 109699 - Support for inheritance in New -> Entity Class... wizard
  • 126438 - support unsigned for some number of databases (mysql and some more)
  • from another tool (inteliJ) for entity from db wizard: may be good to allow prefix/suffix specification for entities, may allow option to generate with primitive types if possible(see also enhanment 115124), select pu for addition, and with major wizard change allow to change names for fields and types but last one may interfere with task to improve sped of entity from db wizarda and may be relatively complex.
  • From eclipse: there is jpa project type, it may have not sense to do this project type, but may be good to add persistence support as framework (like jsf etc) with possibility to add persistence framework on last wizard step and in project properties (for ejb/web projects), i.e. corresponding libraries will be added if necessary and persistence.xml will be created. From intellij idea 9 beta: have similar approach: jpa version(is not automatic) and provider are selected on project creation step. Also it's possible to choose if schema will be stored or not (in 6.8 we have no schema any more after entities generation). If jpa support is not specified during project creation it can be added later with Add Framework action.
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