Relevant changes:

  • introduction of profiles (see chapter EE.2.2 in spec)


  • M1 - implements server side of J2EE Server Capabilities API and has very basic UI on project side to allow project creation
  • M2 - finishes project side - mostly about UI


  • JEE.1 DONE (P1, PetrH, M1, 1-3D) provide a quick temporary way for other modules to decide if project is JEE6 enabled or not so that other people can start building their implementations around it; later replace this with real solution based on top of J2EE Server Capabilities API
  • JEE.2 DONE (P1, PetrH, M1, 2-3W) fix j2eeserver spec related APIs
  • JEE.2.1 DONE (P1, PetrH, M1) replace string constants for spec version and module type, fix all clients
  • JEE.2.2 DONE (P1, PetrH, M1, 1W) establish new API module j2ee.core to share common APIs across j2eeserver and web, ejb API
  • JEE.2.3 STARTED collect usecases for project required capabilities (Facade in j2ee.common)
  • Optional - only if useful create Profile-Capability (spec related like Servlet, EJB, etc.) mapping and UI specification for project side of J2EE Server Capabilities API and implement it for all project types:
  • JEE.3.1 DONE (P1, PetrH, M1, 1W) implement basic UI for: project wizards
  • JEE.3.2 DROPPED (P1, TBD, M2, 2-3W) implement full UI for: project wizards, project customizers, broken server customizer
  • JEE.4 DONE (P1, PetrH, M1) update bundled Java EE Javadoc to JEE 6 version
  • JEE.5 DONE (P2, Milan, M2) bundle Java EE 6 samples (either the FirstCup application, or Adam Bien's samples, or ...)
  • JEE.6 DONE (P1, Andrey, M2) implement Profiles handling
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