Relevant changes:

  • EJB can be packaged directly in WAR
  • Local Business interface is optional
  • Singleton session bean added
  • EJB-Lite - subset of EJB functionality that can be provided for example in Java EE Web Profile
  • Embeddable Container

Open issues:

  • consider taking advantage of Embeddable Container and provide support for generating Java class with main method and boilerplate code for retrieving it and running EJB's methods for the purpose of quick testing. In order to run such a Java class the classpath would have to contain Embeddable Container jar(s).


  • M1 - enables EJBs in Web project
  • M2 - does everyhing else (singleton beans, optional local business interface and EJB-Lite)


  • EJB.1 DONE (P1, Andrey, M1, 1-5D) use J2EE Server Capabilities API to distinguish whether EJB or EJB-Lite should be supported in project and if it is EJB-Lite then provide support only for relevant areas (eg. hide Message Driven Bean wizard, etc. see chapter 21.1 EJB 3.1 Lite in EJB 3.1 specification)
  • EJB.2 DONE (P2, Andrey, M1, 1-3D) update EJB wizards (and code generators) to do not generate Local Business interface
  • Singleton session bean:
  • EJB.3.1 DONE (P1, Andrey, M1, 1-5D) update EJB metadata model to handle Singleton session beans (possibly an API enhancement)
  • EJB.3.2 DONE (P1, Andrey, M1, 1-3D) make sure Singleton session beans are presented in UI (EJB node in project logical view, EJB chooser panel, etc.)
  • EJB.3.3 DONE (P2, Andrey, M1, 1-3D) add wizard for creation of Singleton session bean (or enhance existing Session Bean wizard with an additional checkbox)
  • EJB in WAR:
  • EJB.4.1 DONE (P1, Andrey, M1, 1-4W) implement all EJB related interfaces (EjbJarProvider, EjbJarsInProject, EnterpriseReferenceContainer, ...) in Web Project type preferably by reusing the code from ejbjarproject (eg. by refactoring code from ejbjar module into j2ee.common module first). These implementations should be provided in Web project if and only if project is JEE6 project
  • EJB.4.2 DONE (P1, Andrey, M1, 1-2D) enable EJB wizards in Web Project (New EJB, New EJB Deployment Descriptor, etc.) (iff project is JEE6 project)
  • EJB.4.3 DONE (P1, Andrey, M1, 1-2D) show EJB logical node in Web Project (if project is JEE6 project)
  • Embeddable Container (aka EJB testability):
  • EJB.5.1 DONE (P1, PetrH, M2, 1-3D) enhance J2EE Server API with new constant for Embeddable Container (chapter 22) so that servers can provide a container (that is classpath)
  • EJB.5.2 DONE (P2, Andrey, M2, 1-5D) Embeddable Container classpath should be added to project's unit testing classpath
  • EJB.5.3 DROPPED (P3, Andrey) add wizard for generating test file for EJB(s) (with boilerplate code for EJB retrieval etc.)
  • EJB.5.4 DROPPED (P3-2, Andrey) a support should be considered for generating a Java main class (in any project/source package) with a boilerplate code for retrieving and calling EJBs methods; such a wizard may need to add extra JARs to project's classpath (Emneddable Container JARs)
  • EJB.6 DROPPED (P2, Andrey) - resurrect ejb-jar GUI editor (but only if it does not have some serious existing issues - if it does then leave it dead as we will not have a time to resolve these); create subset of metamodel just from ejb-jar.xml file and pass it to GUI editor
  • EJB.7 DONE (P2-3, M2) - use portable global JNDI name syntax in code templates which looks up EJB from a JNDI context

Non-JEE6 Tasks:

  • STARTED (P1) lower bug count
  • (P2-3) TaskList integration - implement/enhance/update EJB specific editor hints and task list items
  • (P2-3) refactoring - implement/enhance/update refactoring for EJB
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