JBoss Application Server 5.0 Support

Associated issue 89969. All resources (patches, stack traces and so on) you are able to find in the issue.

Functionality Matrix

Functionality Functional for jboss5 Functional for jboss5 after patching many changes in jboss4 plugin
register server NO YES (patch1, bug in JBoss) -
start server YES - -
start server debug YES - -
stop server NO in progress (bug in JBoss) -
deploy/undeploy webmodule NO - YES
deploy/undeploy ejb NO - YES
deploy/undeploy ear NO - YES
application client functionality not tested - -
deployed applications listing NO - YES
enterprise resources not tested - -


It seems that we need a lot of changes in jboss plugin. Actually the question is if it will be better to create a new plugin for jboss5 -> as copy of jboss4 plugin with all these changes -> it's due to all these changes may affect jboss4 servers functionality and keep it consistence is much more difficult than create a new plugin.

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