JAX-WS - NetBeans meeting, Aug 29, 2013

Attendees: Milan Kuchtiak, Stepan Zebra, Martin Grebac, Lukas Jungmann, Mirek Kos

  • Martin: split Web Services wizard category to REST and SOAP services
  • Lukas: missing JavaDoc hint that is added right after creating a service is annoying
  • Milan: which methods are web service operations? @WebMethod, and now also other public methods
    • algorithm was fixed recently, believed to be correct now
  • Martin: Message Handler creation could be exposed in other places than just the New File wizard
  • Bug in New Web Service from WSDL - IDE tries to parse the WSDL before you've finished typing the URL
  • "Use provider" checkbox is unclear
  • Martin: Oracle still has 3-4 web service stacks
    • some parts are shared among GF and WLS: JAX-WS, JAXB, WS-reliable messaging
    • security is separate in GF/WLS/JRF
    • long term goal to merge them
  • Bug: UI still refers to Metro 1.3
  • Lukas: WSimport options should use "fork=true" by default, also because of file locking on Windows
  • Martin: xendorsed parameter should be discouraged (i.e. false by default, or hidden completely), want to deprecate/drop soon
  • Lukas: bug in XML retriever or maybe XML editor: there is a standard (called RDDL) to specify mapping from namespace to schema URL, code completion should understand that
  • Maven: mostly well supported, some limitations
  • Lukas: stale files handling will be changed, starting with JAX-WS Maven Plugin 2.3, use checksum instead of stale files
  • Maven workflow has fewer customization options in dialogs, which is not an issue, as these things are easy to do with Maven, especially since there is pom.xml code completion
  • Martin: would be good to configure JAXB implementation: Sun JAXB vs. MOXy
  • Martin: Would be good to support external web service metadata: externally specify metadata for existing classes to expose them as a web service
  • Mirek: Web services in Java SE - client supported, service creation does not really make sense
  • Lukas: How does it work with Tomcat? WS context listener (JSR 109) in web.xml is not needed anymore since Tomcat 7
  • Martin: In the future run Metro on WebLogic
  • Lukas: sun-jaxws.xml may get obsolete/deprecated in jaxws.next/tomcat7+
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