J2EE Editors Task List

Current Editor Support Features

Following table roughly depicts the state of the generic features in our editors.

coloring o o o o o o
semantic coloring o/-
completion o o o o
completion javadoc o o  ?
folding o o - o
formatting/indent. o o - o  ?
error highliting o o
palette o o  ?
live templates
navigator - o
comment/uncomment o/-
bracked matching o  ? o o
hyperlinking o
drag & drop

  • o ... feature available
  • - ... the feature doesn't make sense or is useless for the editor
  • o/- ... feature partially available
  • Empty cell means that the features is not available and it make sense to have it.
  • EL (Expression language is ment to be included in JSP here

TBD elaborate possible combinations of editors/features here.

Editor features - potential candidates to implement for 6.0

The following list of features is extracted from Issuezilla, Nb Features in for Promotion H, Ideas for Features and Enhancements in NetBeans 6.0 - Java EE area document and Web Application RAD Race results.

Pri Task Issue Status TM Note
P4 navigation to CSS file for HTML elements
P4 semantic coloring based on CSS style Somehow mark elements whose rendering is defined by css
P3 Soft line-wrapping 34719
P3 Help -> Javadoc references should contain HTML reference etc.
P3 Context aware code completion 59029
P3 Hyperlinking 63566
P2 provide all possible java editor features in JSP scriptlets (now are missing folding, abbreviations - live templates, error highlighting etc.)
P4 hints related to warnings/errors - e.g. adding JSTL/JSF taglib reference for known tags
P4 drag and drop JSTL tags, but the taglib declaration is not added. Might be done by hits - not add the taglib automatically?!?
P3 In code completion, offer all available tags, not just those already declared on the page. Then add a taglib declaration if missing. Distinguish the CC itmes somehow.
P4 detect & show warning when taglib declaration is missing and a custom tags are used. Maybe detect by the : char in the JSP tag name
P4 Drag & Drop from explorer to editor: pictures, css, other files underneeth docroot
P4 cc for attribute values, like color chooser, file chooser etc.
P3 Provide UI for page encoding 40686
P3 Provide Code Templates in JSP completion 60014
P3 Reflect JSP content-type directive atribute in the editor 32739
P3 Better support for JSP Documents 41151
P3 Improve JSP scriptlets background coloring 50102
P1 Code completion 21129 The code completion must work in all .css, .x/html and .xml files.
P2 code completion documentation
P4 folding
P3 indentation
P4 visual previewing of current style class.
P3 validation of current stylesheet against selectable standards (eg CSS1, CSS2, IE, etc)
P4 Easy navigation (hyperlink) between CSS and places where it is used and easy to inser a css into a page (list all css files in project) NbFeature1269
P4 Find usages, rename and safely delete refactorings for style classes NbFeature1269
P3 Show syntax errors in text editor 23898
P2 Comment, uncomment 58552 Usefull for HTML/JSP as well. Already implemented in XMLKit, just default shortcuts are missing.
P4 Namespace-driven syntax highlighting 25736
P5 Enhance Code Completion by Documentation Hints 31827
P3 "Element skipping" keyboard shortcut 19799 Usefull for HTML/JSP as well
P3 XML Hyperlinking 58332
P4 General issues for all editors
P3 Renew Editor Colors NbFeature1168
P3 Get rid of implementation dependencies between web/jspsyntax and web/core=, {{web/jsf (create appropriate friend? API)
P4 Get rid of the tree-edit code in xml/core and the module itself It is just messing the rest of the code up and causing memory leaks.
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