Issuezilla Target Milestones


Target milestones (TM) indicate the release that a given issue is expected to be resolved in or has been resolved in.

When to set target milestones?

  1. When new issue is created then it has TBD as Target milestone (TM) and it's considered as unevaluated.
  2. A responsible developer should evaluate the bug as soon as possible according to the IssueLifeCycle and set the release/milestone where the bug is fixable. E.g. 6.0.
    1. If there are some blockers that prevent issue to be fixed by some of Issuezilla predefined target milestone values then set TM to next.
  3. When issue is fixed then developer makes sure TM is set to target milestone where it was really fixed.

Target milestones used for NetBeans Milestones

Target milestones TM in Issuezilla are also used to plan NetBeans features for Milestones.

  1. TM is set to e.g. 6.0M8 this means that given feature is planned to be implemented in NetBeans 6.0 Milestone 8 in this example.
  2. If feature is not ready for given Milestone then TM is changed to next Milestone e.g. 6.0M9.
  3. When last Milestone for given release is completed then TM has to be set for release target milestone value e.g. 6.0 for new issues or some extra features.

Issues not resolved in given release

Some issues, defects or features, might not be done in given release due to time constraint, but their TM were set to e.g. 6.0 indicating they were supposed to be resolved by the release time of 6.0. For such issues TM is set to TBD by QE after product is released (FCSed). This means issue has to be evaluated again according to new release. There can be open issues with past TM e.g. 5.5 as they were not set to TBD by us.

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