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NetBeans IDE users can install some extension plugins in their IDE. But if s|he upgrade IDE to new one release, s|he has to find&install same plugins again. It's inconvenient and reported on mailing list for several times (VOC). Nice to have a possibility to import plugins from old version to new one.


IDE should recognize correct list of plugin what could be imported to new release. There are several problems: the first problem is plugins can be stored either in userdir or in install directory as well. And next problem, list of plugins can be mixed from IDE distribution and from IDE extensions. But most of extension plugins is stored in either userdir or in extra cluster in install dir. It could help to recognize them.

Import plugins from old userdir to new userdir.

  • might be feasible in NB6.5
  • just read all plugins from userdir
  • filter out plugins from IDE distribution
  • run Autoupdate in headless mode and explore any broken dependencies
  • notify users what plugins can pass and what cannot
  • draft of UI
| Import Plugins Wizard                                                  |
| Plugins were found in previous installation and are available for the  |
| new version of NetBeans:                                               |
| * Module Manager [X]                                                   | 
| * Build Monitor  [X]                                                   |
| Plugins are not available for the new version of NetBeans and might be |
| not compatible with new versions:                                      |
| * My Own Cool Plugin [X]                                               |
| * Cool plugin from XYZ [ ]                                             |
| Do you want to import selected Plugins from {previous NB release} ?    |
| [[Yes | Yes]] [[No | No]] [RemindLater]                                              |

[[ | ]] is selectable by user.

Using Autoupdate install journal

  • Autoupdate since NB6.5 builds a install journal where store
    1. what
    2. from where (UC)
    3. URL to NBM
    4. when
  • Autoupdate after NB6.5 can read this journal and import plugins according it
  • allows import as late as post NB6.5

Allow export|import plugins

  • (!!!canceled!!! too complicated scenario)
  • allow user to mark a collection of plugins what will be exported out of IDE
  • import plugins into IDE
  • notify users what plugins passed and what didn't


  • Broken dependencies
  • either filter out plugins with install problems, or
  • use Missing Modules Resolver
  • Don't import inherent plugins from old IDE i.e. part of IDE distribution
  • use update_tracking files to recognize IDE distribution and additional plugins


  • UI spec
  • support in Autoupdate: headless mode of Autoupdate
  • journal of installed plugins in Autoupdate's preferences as underbase for retrieve plugins again in the new IDE
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