Issue 110328 was created to correct some inappropriate enabling of the Create Diagram from Selected and RE Operation actions.

Create Diagram from Selected (CDFS) Action

This action will allow the modeler to create a diagram based on the selected nodes in the UML project tree. The available diagram types are predicated on the type of node(s) selected.

If an Operation or an Interaction type node is selected, then it must be the only node selected in order for the the CDFS action to be enabled. If this is the case and the action is selected, then only the Sequence and Collaboration diagram types options will be available.

If there is more than one node selected, then none of those nodes can be of type Operation, Interaction or some type of folder/organization only, like Attributes or Relationships folder nodes. If one of the previous node types are selected, then the CDFS action will not be enabled. Package nodes are more than just folder nodes as they are an actual element type that can appear on a diagram.

Re Operation Action

This action is only available if there is only one node selected and that node is of type Operation or Interaction. When invoked, Sequence and Collaboration are the only diagram types available for selection.

This action is essentially satisfied by the CDFS action above and can be removed from the context menu action list. It is proposed to be removed for beta2 release.

Invalid Node Types

This is a list of the node types that if selected will disable the CDFS action:

  • UML Project
  • Model Root
  • Diagrams Root
  • Imported Elements Root
  • Any diagram
  • Lifeline
  • Message types (sequence diagrams)
  • Combined Fragment
  • Attributes folder
  • Attribute
  • Operations folder
  • Relationships folder
  • Relationship types (Generalization, Implementation, Dependency, Permission, etc)
  • Required Interfaces folder (component diagrams)
  • Extend/Indclude folders (use case diagrams)

This is a list of the node types that if selected will disable the RE Operation action:

  • More than one node selected (of any type)
  • Any single selected node other than an Operation type
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