Review page for Data Management - Virtual Database feature for NetBeans 7.0

This page is used to manage the review of Virtual Database Feature.

The value of this approach is that it allows me to track all the issues separately and to drive them to resolution. For me email reviews although nice and informal are almost impossible to track to conclusion. Inline comments to the main document muddy up the document and are also difficult to track to conclusion.

The review process works like this:

  • Add a comment header of the format "Comment <initials>-<number> (<status>)" (see below for examples)
  • A discussion then can take place under that comment header
  • Each comment will have a status at the top, with the status set to Approved, Accepted PDU (pending doc update) or Unresolved
  • If necessary, we do more rounds of discussion until the item is marked as Approved


Commenter Initials Key

DVC - David Van Couvering

AHI - Ahimanikya Satapathy

MB - Manish Bharani

WC - Wade Chandler


DVC00 - Overall

This looks very interesting! I'm not sure about integrating it into NetBeans 7 - I have concerns about our ability to handle documentation and QE, and our team needs to discuss some more (including with our architectural committee and marketing) whether it is in line with our overall strategy.

In the meantime, what I'd like to do is make this available as a plugin on the dev udpate center. Then I'll advertise it, and see if I can get others too also, and get our users playing with it, and get feedback. I suspect people will be very interested, this is a very unique feature!

MB : Sure. Sounds good to me. I'll look at Ahi to share any opinion he has here.

DVC01 - Virtual DB Connection - what is it?

You are displaying a connection to a virtual database as a connection Is this a real connection that is available through the Database Explorer API?

MB : That's correct. Virtual Database is a disk based (axion) database and will be listed on DB Explorer as other database connection. Connection url will be a jdbc url of format jdbc:axiondb:<Virtual DB Name>:<Path to Database folder>

DVC02 - Virtual DB node

Nice to see it as a Virtual Database node. However, we are changing our underlying UI so it's possible to put a connection node anywhere. So I would recommend putting the tables for a virtual database *under the database node itself* rather than under an independent connection node. We're working on doing the same thing for the MySQL node. Please see myself or Rob for more details on how to do this. This is something a third-party module like Virtual DB can do without having to have hardcoded changes/dependencies in the db module.

MB : Sounds Good. Would like to sync up on this. Meanwhile, do you have a spec where I can get more details about this.

DVC03 - UI looks similar to import

The UI for adding tables to a virtual DB looks very similar to the UI for importing into a "real" db. Shouldn't this just be the same UI and the same concept, rather than presented through two slightly different UIs?

MB : That's right. The UI panels are reusable and will be aggregated into wizards as required. Basically we plan to have modules each for Import/Export, Virtual DB and Virtual DB Explorer each.

DVC04 - Update and delete of rows

You don't describe the support for update and delete against rows in a virtual table. Does this work for both files and JDBC tables? Do you just use the existing mechanisms?

MB : I believe you mean update and delete of rows from the Data View UI or some External APIs. Update and Delete, both for file and JDBC tables would work in the same manner as they do for rest of the databases. Update and delete on files would be a transparent operation from the usability perspective. Data on the file or database would be appropriately updated/deleted. Let me know if this addressed your query/concern.

DVC05 - Virtual DB connections and DB Explorer API

If the virtual DB connections are available throught the DB Explorer API (e.g. ConnectionManager), are you prepared to support third-party users working with these virtual db connections? Are theyj ully JDBC compliant? Do they support DatabaseMetaData (I would assume so)? Can they be used with our Metadata API?

MB : Yes. I would believe so. Connections to Virtual database is a normal JDBC connection.

WC - Yes, I'm very interested in the API used here. Seems it would be good to use in many applications to make crazy temporary databases from different databases and sources. I'm very curious as to what the answer to DVC04 and this one. If this API is usable, is JDBC compliant, and has update capabilities W.O.W! It would be especially nice if users of the IDE could use this as a library to define databases from multiple sources on the fly in JSE, JEE, and NB RCP applications.

MB : I'm sure it would be helpful and applicable for the usecases mentioned though I am doubtful that this creates a temporary copy of the data (database) from different data sources. In my understanding, Virtual database provides a common interface to various different databases and empowers the user with a common SQL interface that brings data from various disparate sources to a single presentation platform.

DVC06 - Virtual Database(s) Node

I think the Virtual Database node should be called Virtual Databases (plural) so it's clear this is not one database but all virtual databases.

MB : Agreed. This will be taken care while implementing.

DVC07 - Virtual Databases Node placement in tree

I think Virtual Database(s) node should be placed *under* Java DB node, it seems weird to have it sandwiched in between MySQL and Java DB, when it's a virtual database.

MB : Agreed. This will be taken care while implementing.

DVC08 - Icon for Virtual Database Node

We should get a different icon for the Virtual Database(s) node to distinguish it from "real" database nodes like MySQL and Java DB.

MB : Agreed. This will be taken care while implementing.

Action Items

S.No. Objective Action Owner Status
1 Get Clarity on placing Virtual Database node under Database with tables under it instead of having a dedicated Virtual database node. Refer Talk to David/Rob about this. Manish Bharani Requested for a Spec
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