Data Management features for NetBeans 7.0

Following are the features being discussed for Netbeans 7.0

  1. Importing a database table
  2. Exporting a database table
  3. Virtual Database Creation
  4. Insert Record

All the aforementioned features will be enabled from NetBeans database explorer.

1. Database Import/Export Feature

[[{InsertPagePage=IEC.DataManagement.ImportExport} | {InsertPage page='IEC.DataManagement.ImportExport'}]]

2. Virtual Database Features

[[{InsertPagePage=IEC.DataManagement.VirtualDatabase} | {InsertPage page='IEC.DataManagement.VirtualDatabase'}]]

3. Insert Record Feature

[[{InsertPagePage=IEC.DataManagement.InsertRecord} | {InsertPage page='IEC.DataManagement.InsertRecord'}]]


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