Continuous Integration UI in NetBeans IDE

Use Case: The user wants to setup continuous build for the application she develops in NetBeans IDE.
Scenario: The user invokes a "New Continuous Build..." menu item which brings up a "New Continuous Build" dialog box where the user specifies necessary details for creating a Kenai hosted continuous build for a particular NetBeans project. Upon finishing the dialog box a build item is added into the Kenai window and testing build is started.

Use Case: The user has commited changes into the source code repository and wants to be notified in case the continuous build or tests fail.
Scenario: A notification bubble pops up from the status line in case the user is a potential breaker of the build. The user clicks the "details" link in the popup which opens up an Output tab showing the build results and source code changes included in the build. From there, the user can click the file links or "diff" links to get to the source code.

Use Case: The user wants to be informed about broken repository in general so that she can defer her own commit (testing build).
Scenario: A broken build notification icon shows up in the status line without popping up the bubble if the user hasn't committed anything to the build.

Use Case: The user may want to check the source code changes for any continuous build, even if the build/test system doesn't indicate any problems with the build.
Scenario: In the Kenai window, the user clicks the link next to the build she is interested in. It opens the Output window tab with build results and list of source code changes.


Figure 1: Continuous menu items in the Team menu

Figure 2: New Continuous Build dialog

Figure 3: Add Hudson Instance dialog

Figure 3.1: Add Hudson Instance dialog with progress bar

Figure 4: Hudson in Services tab

All nodes have tooltips explaining icon and node colors. A running build label says "MyApplication (running)" where "(running)" is in gray color. The individual build number nodes (#236, #235) have build artifacts as subnodes (if available).

Hudson Builders contextual menu:

Add Hudson Instance...

Hudson instance contextual menu:

New Build...
Open in Browser

Build contextual menu:

Start Build
Show Changes
Show Console
Show Test Failures
Open in Browser

Figure 5: List of continuous builds in Kenai window

Figure 6: Build failure notification

Figure 7: Build failure message in Output window (not this UI for 6.7)

Figure 8: List of build changes in Output window (not this UI for 6.7)

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