HTML Hyperlinking Specification

Navigation to the refered files in following tags

The navigation shuld work for local files, refered either relatively or absolutely. As for the absolute links, there must be some kind of root folder of the application defined. Since this may vary case by case there seems to be a need for a simple SPI which can be used to obtain the root for particular files. Project, webmodule or frameworks then provides their implementation of the SPI.

Tag Attribute
a href
area href
link href
base href
script src
img src
img longdesc
img usemap
input src
frame src
iframe src
body background
input usemap
object classid
object codebase
object data
object usemap
applet codebase
q cite
blackquote cite
ins cite
del cite
form action

Navigation to css selectors

Each html tag can defined class or id attributes which binds the element with CSS stylesheet selector. User should be able to navigate to the corresponding css source/selector when mouseclicking on the attribute value.

A problem can appear when the css id or class is not unique in the given context. In such case it should follow the order of how the css styles are processed and use the first one from the bottom (the one with highest priority).

So for example if there are two stylesheets defining #myid id which are linked by <link/> element, the one from the latter one should be used as the target.

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