Graphics Programming using NetBeans and OpenGL

This HowTo is aimed at getting you to the point where you can write, compile and run OpenGL code using NetBeans.

The main difficulty is to install the libraries and letting NetBeans know where they are. The way you do this is very different depending on whether you use Windows or Linux

NetBeans and OpenGL in Windows

In addition to NetBeans, you will need:

  1. A C/C++ Compiler (Here, I focus on MinGW, a Windows port of the Gnu Compiler Collection, GCC)
  • The MinGW compiler now comes with a nice WinGC installer. You should download and run this.
  • To use MinGW with NetBeans you will also need another collection of GNU utilities for Windows, called MSYS. In particular, you need the MSYS make tool as the default MinGW make tool does not work with NetBeans. Fortunately there is also an MSYS installer.
  1. The OpenGL libraries

NetBeans and OpenGL in Linux

This will be a lower priority, though hopefully easier to set up.


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