How to customzie the Project Building

Contributed By; Mohamed Magdy Shaheen

How To enforce NetBeans to use pre-defined Manifest file

  1. Open nbproject\build-impl.xml
  2. Replace any ${manifest.file} with the manifest file path.

How to add custom project property

  1. Open nbproject\
  2. Add the custom property if format of key, value pairs

How to enforce the NetBeans to generate .rar instead of jar file:

  1. Open nbproject\
  2. Navigate to "dist.jar" property
  3. Change the file extension to "rar" instead of jar.

How to move the generated jar to specific folder:

  1. Open nbproject\build-impl.xml
  2. Add the following section;
<target name="-post-jar">
   <move description="Custom Deployment" file="${dist.dir}/a.jar" todir="c://server/deploy//"  />

Its ready to be used.. Thanks!

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