How do I set up a new PHP project?

  • Prepare the environment for PHP development: install and configure the required software, install the NetBeans PHP Download Bundle
  • Run the IDE, choose File > New Project. On the Choose Project panel, specify the project category as PHP and type as PHP Application.
  • On the Name and Location panel, specify the project name, the project folder where you want the store internal project files, and the source folder on the server to store your source files.
  • In the Run Configuration panel, select one of the following configurations for the project:
  • Local Web Site, running on your local machine's Apache server
  • Remote Web Site, running on another machine via FTP or SFTP
  • Script, running via the command line

Note: The Run Configuration panel is optional. If you skip it, you get Local Web Site configuration.

Applies to: NetBeans IDE 6.5 and later

Platforms: All

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