Until NetBeans 8.1 is released, this article may apply to development builds and (upcoming) Beta version.

With term hidden files we refer to files and directories with names that begin with a dot character. This applies to all operating systems.


Handling of hidden (.dotted) files in NetBeans 8.1

In earlier NetBeans version, hidden files were ignored, i. e. not displayed in Projects, Files and Favorites views. Exceptions were well-known files that are important for the project, e.g. .htaccess files.

As many new frameworks have emerged, especially in JavaScript area, it is now difficult to keep list of hidden files that may be important for the project. So, hidden files are displayed now by default. There are still exceptions, for example .git or .hg.

There is also a new additional option to ignore hidden files in user's home directory. It usually contains a lot of configuration files and directories, which are not of much use in Favorites view, so the option is enabled by default.

Who is affected

Only the default behavior has changed. If you have edited "Ignored Files Pattern" in main menu -> Tools -> Options -> Miscellaneous -> Files, and imported settings from older NetBeans version, your custom behavior will be preserved.

How to restore old behavior

If you want to restore the old (pre-8.1) behavior, go to main menu -> Tools -> Options -> Miscellaneous -> Files, and copy the following text to "Ignored Files Pattern" field:


Also un-check the "Ignore all .dotted files in home folder" option.


Related bug: Issue 246521

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