Hibernate module estimates for 7.0.

This document outlines the estimates for planned feature implementations scheduled for NetBeans 7.0 release. By the plan, all the feature implementations are due 7.0M2, giving enough room for bug fixes in M3 timeframe.

HQL Editor Enhancements estimates

  1. Performance (20 person days)
    1. Be able to execute queries that involve more processing and fetch lots of data.
    2. Back end query execution enhancements to handle threading issues.
  2. Editor enhancements (#140463) (#148262) (30 person days)
    1. Error handling and error notification improvements.
    2. Rewrite existing implementation with GSF (Parser API) to provide CC (for keywords, POJOs and DB tables and constructs), syntax highlighting and indentation.
    3. Result display per object basis. (Splitting the results per object, developer can see results for a particular result object)
    4. Equivalent SQL query improvements (variable names need to be human friendly, subjected to Hibernate API support)
    5. Investigate paging for result display (as its done in SQL Editor).
  3. Other (time permitting)
    1. HQL named queries (#149876)
    2. In-place HQL Query editor. (In Java sources and mapping files)

Hibernate Reverse Engineering Wizard Enhancements (targeted for 7.0) (20 person days)

  1. Create a separate wizard for Hibernate Reverse Engineering file creation.
  2. modify the existing wizard to pick a cfg.xml, reveng.xml and the exporters to generate POJOs and mapping files
  3. provide a context menu item on reveng.xml to invoke the same wizard to re generate the POJOs and mappings.
  4. provide an option to pick reverse engineering strategy if the user happen to have any (if time permits).


  • The current NetBeans 7.0 schedule is here.
  • 20+30+20 = 70 Person days. From December 15th, when the feature implementations begin, till M2 CF, there are about 50 person days available. Both HQL Editor enhancements and Reverse Engg. improvements are to be implemented in parallel by two resources.
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