One Pager for 'Adding Hibernate support for NetBeans projects' (IZ #124994)


This document outlines the functionalities covered as part of the 'Adding Hibernate support for NetBeans projects' feature which is part of the Hibernate plugin project.

Feature outlined

This feature would enable NetBeans projects to adopt Hibernate support as part of the project functionality. Vitriually any NetBeans project can be hibernate enabled, but this is not required as some projects do not require/do not support the databases. To start with only Web projects and J2SE (Plain Java application) project types would be considered.

The following are the functionalities provided by this feature.

  1. Ability to create Hibernate specific artifacts. The project's New File menu would show these Hibernate specific artifacts and allow creation of them at any point of time during the project development. This would be the logical start point of adding hibernate support for existing projects. Once the developer selects any particular artifacts such as a hibernate configuration file, all the hibernate specific libraries would be added to the project classpath. Also the project logical view and project customizer would be updated to show the Hibernate specific artifacts and to allow them customize further.
  2. A Service API which would provide services to other features such as editor enhancements will be provided. The services of this API are available through standard service locator interfaces of the NetBeans projects. This API provides the following :
    1. Getting the list of database tables based on the list of hibernate configurations already exist as part of the current project.
    2. Getting the list of configurations from the current project.
    3. Getting the list of mapping resources from the list of configurations in the current project.
    4. Getting the list of POJOs (entity classes) based on the mappings, configurations from the current project.
  3. An Implementation of the Service API, which actually implements the functionalities provided by the Service API. This implementation is not directly accessible through the Service Locator interfaces of NetBeans projects. Any other feature which would like to use the services, should access the service API available through the project's service locater interface.
  4. Catalog registration of Hibernate configuration and mapping DTDs into the NetBeans DTD and Schema catalogs. This would enable the usage of these DTDs in editor features.
  5. A listening mechanism to look for global Project open/close operations. This provides the hooks to inject the Hibernate artifacts creation for supported project types. This also provides the hooks to create hibernate support environment for the projects which already have the Hibernate support added before.
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