Feature NetBeans IntelliJ Eclipse Hibernate Tools Notes
Hiberate aware projects Y Y Y
Hiberate project structure view Y Y  ?
Provide Editor Support for Hibernate config files (.cfg.xml)
- Design tab for editing the config files Y N Y
- Static Code completion (Database driver details, Database dialect, log level, DDL settings and other static properties such as cache settings and connection pool settings) Y Y Y
- Dynamic Code completion (mapping files, Database name) Y Y Y
- Code completion XML configuration files, named queries, Java annotations N Y  ?
Provide Editor support for Hibernate mapping files (.hbm.xml)
- Design tab for editing the mapping files N N Y
- Static Code completion (entity associations (1:1, 1:n ..), ID generator strategies) Y Y Y
- Dynamic Code completion (POJOs, fields, DB Table names, column names, ) Y Y Y
New File Type Wizards for Hibernate .cfg.xml and .hbm.xml files
- File Type registration Y Y Y
- File Wizard for Configuration file Y Y Y
- File Wizard for Mapping file Y Y Y
Hibernate Session Management Single session only  ?  ?
Hibernate Reverse Engineering
-POJO Generation Y Y
-Hibernate Mapping Generation Y Y
-DB Schema Generation N Y I am not sure how useful this feature is to implement as it generates HTML files with the tables information.
Graphical tool to view and edit metadata, relationship, mapping, properties N Y ?
Provide DB schema management N  ? ?
Importing structures, relationships from datasources N Y ?
Console for creating, and debugging HQL N Y Y
Ant task N  ? Y
HQL Query Editor Y  ? Y
HQL query Editor Code Completion Y  ? Y Only SQL keyword code completion is provided in both NetBeans and Eclipse. There is no CC for classes and their fields.
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