List of configurations we are testing on:

GO/NOGO for the migration after finishing the testing Participant of the champion team Operating System Hg version
(hg version)
extensions in use, how installed
Python version
(python -V)
how installed
(e.g. "repositories on NFS mounts" or "using Cygwin for my dev environment" or any other specialty worth mentioning)
GO andrei badea Debian testing 0.9.5 from package, fetch 2.5.1 from package
GO alexey butenko MacOSX Leopard 0.9.5 from package 2.5.1 was already there
pavel buzek
GO petr gebauer Windows XP, Cygwin Windows XP - 04c76f296ad6+win32extras, Cygwin - 0.9.5 Windows XP - python25.dll, Cygwin - 2.5.1 (encoutered problems with Cygwin)
troy giunipero Ubuntu 7.10 0.9.5 from package 2.5.1
GO jesse glick Ubuntu 7.10 0.9.5 from source, fetch, forest, inotify, rdiff 2.5.1 from package
GO sergey grinev Windows Vista Business and a Solaris workstation 0.9.5 from package 2.5.1 from package
petr hrebejk
milan kuchtiak Fedora 5 mercurial-0.9.5-1.fc5.rf.i386.rpm
GO david lebet Windows XP 0.9.5
jyothi madhavabhatla Windows Vista 0.9.5 installed from the pre-packaged bundle
GO tomas mysik Gentoo Base System release 1.12.10 0.9.5-r1 gentoo ebuild, alias, extdiff, fetch, gpg, graphlog, hbisect, hgk, children, imerge, mq, parentrevspec, purge, transplant, churn, inotify, localbranch, diffstat, show, forest, rdiff 2.5.1-r4 x86 ebuild
GO antonin nebuzelsky Ubuntu 7.10 0.9.4 from package 2.5.1 from package
GO petr nejedly Gentoo 2007.1 and OSX10.4.8 0.9.5-r1 gentoo ebuild 2.5.1-r4 x86 ebuild
GO chau nguyen Windows XP & Mac OS 10.4 TortoiseHg & python-2.5.1-macosx.dmg, mercurial-0.9.5-py2.5-macosx10.4.mpkg
GO peter pis Windows XP TortoiseHg
chris quenelle
GO maros sandor Windows XP 0.9.5, installer
GO jiri skrivanek WindowsXP 0.9.5 from installer, fetch, forest Using Cygwin
GO adam sotona Windows XP TortoiseHg
GO jaroslav tulach
mikhail vaysman
GO jiri vagner
GO tomas zezula Open SUSE 10.2 0.9.5 from package 2.5
GO michal zlamal Gentoo 0.9.5 from Gentoo source package, fetch, forest, inotify 2.4.4 from Gentoo source package
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