Testing scenarios for the "Wider Testing" week of Jan/07-11/2008.

(Scenario 1) non-conflicting changes in my area

  1. creating a local change
  2. committing it to my local clone
  3. pushing to the central repository
  4. watching the continuous build for changes to appear

(Scenario 2) changes on a separate development in a different clone

  1. creating a second local clone
  2. doing separate development there
    1. committing several changesets
    2. pushing them all back to the first clone
  3. pushing all changes to the central repository at once

(Scenario 3) collaboration on conflicting changes

  1. creating conflicting changes in different clones of the main repository
  2. pushing one change to the central repository
  3. trying to push the other conflicting change to the central repository
  4. resolving the conflict locally by merging
  5. pushing the merged change to the central repository

(Scenario 4) breaking and fixing a build

  1. breaking build by committing a change to the central repository
  2. waiting for a broken continuous build from hudson (http://konik-z2.czech.sun.com:8080/hudson/job/NB-CB) and its notification mail
  3. fixing the build immediately
  4. waiting for a successful build and its notification email

(Scenario 5) adding a new binary file - automatic upload to the storage of binaries

(Scenario 6) working with a release "branch" (special repository on the server)

  1. cloning the release repo without doing a full network clone,
 starting with a local clone of the main repo:
  hg clone -r release61_base -U main release61
  # edit release61/.hg/hgrc to specify remote release61 repo as default
  hg -R release61 pull -u
  1. transplanting a patch from main to release61:
  cd release61
  hg transplant -s ../main 12345
  hg push

(Scenario 7) using local incoming and outgoing trees

(Scenario 8) working with the golden repository

  • can be cloned, or you can simply pull from it whenever you like:
  echo '[Paths]' >> .hg/hgrc
  echo 'golden = http://hg.netbeans.org/main-golden/' >> .hg/hgrc
  hg pull -u golden
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