Current recommendation for workaround

hg pull -r cedc6b47df33
hg pull


New verify errors. Using a proposed diagnostic patch, problems pushing tracked back to

  File "mercurial/hgweb/wsgicgi.py", line 68, in launch
  File "mercurial/hgweb/hgwebdir_mod.py", line 91, in '''call'''
  File "mercurial/hgweb/hgwebdir_mod.py", line 148, in run_wsgi
  File "mercurial/hgweb/hgweb_mod.py", line 100, in run_wsgi
  File "mercurial/hgweb/protocol.py", line 156, in unbundle
  File "mercurial/localrepo.py", line 2031, in addchangegroup
  File "mercurial/revlog.py", line 1204, in addgroup
LookupError: 00manifest.i@47098e67a01d: unknown parent

and similar errors pulling for some people:

$ hg pull -u
pulling from http://hg.netbeans.org/web-main
searching for changes
adding changesets
adding manifests
transaction abort!
rollback completed
abort: 00manifest.i@47098e67a01d: unknown parent!

http://hg.netbeans.org/main-silver/rev/47098e67a01d shows d29a273d9541 (similarly jet-main, web-main, main, main-golden) whereas http://hg.netbeans.org/prototypes/rev/47098e67a01d shows cedc6b47df33 (similarly core-main, cdev).

In a clone of prototypes (cloned long before this issue arose but in which all changesets are supposed to have been pulled),

$ hg debugindex .hg/store/00manifest.i | head -1 && \
  hg debugindex .hg/store/00manifest.i | fgrep 47098e67a01d && \
  hg log --template '{node}\n' -r 149241
   rev    offset  length   base linkrev nodeid       p1           p2
 149564  1123520610   18600  149401  149241 47098e67a01d 105f357cc25b 1c584c823513
 149567  1123557523   18747  149401  149827 6d6786c54c4b 47098e67a01d 77033e37f7ec
 149568  1123576270     325  149401  149828 8fe3c813a0e8 47098e67a01d 000000000000
 149571  1123576995     463  149401  149831 5903f3051fdb 47098e67a01d 000000000000

pointing to d29a273d9541. This repo reports the following verify errors, most of which somehow link back to d29a273d9541 or cedc6b47df33:

$ hg verify
checking changesets
checking manifests
 manifest@?: rev 77019 points to unexpected changeset 77025
 manifest@?: c985380b8c93 not in changesets
 manifest@?: rev 149560 points to unexpected changeset 149820
 (expected 149822)
 manifest@?: rev 149561 points to unexpected changeset 149821
 (expected 149823)
 manifest@?: rev 149562 points to unexpected changeset 149822
 (expected 149824)
 manifest@?: rev 149563 points to unexpected changeset 149824
 (expected 149825)
 manifest@?: rev 149564 points to unexpected changeset 149241
 (expected 149826)
crosschecking files in changesets and manifests
checking files
 applemenu/src/org/netbeans/modules/applemenu/layer.xml@?: rev 12 points to unexpected
   changeset 149821
 (expected 41473 .... 147698 149823)
 defaults/src/org/netbeans/modules/defaults/Eclipse-keybindings-mac.xml@?: rev 0 points
   to unexpected changeset 149821
 (expected 149823)
 defaults/src/org/netbeans/modules/defaults/Eclipse-keybindings.xml@?: rev 25 points
   to unexpected changeset 149821
 (expected 25730 .... 147698 149823)
 defaults/src/org/netbeans/modules/defaults/mf-layer.xml@?: rev 74 points
   to unexpected changeset 149821
 (expected 25730 .... 147698 149823)
 etl.project/src/org/netbeans/modules/etl/project/msgs.properties@77025: b3e16bfc5fbc
   in manifests not found
117631 files, 150510 changesets, 588921 total revisions
9 warnings encountered!
12 integrity errors encountered!
(first damaged changeset appears to be 77025)

The errors are visible in the following bogus output:

$ hg log -l1 -v applemenu/src/org/netbeans/modules/applemenu/layer.xml
changeset:   149821:9cbf58bec660
user:        Max Sauer <msauer@netbeans.org>
date:        Wed Oct 14 13:57:15 2009 +0200
files:       editor.lib/src/org/netbeans/editor/Annotations.java
#172685: NPE at org.netbeans.editor.Annotations.getAnnotation

In another repo where the linkrev is cedc6b47df33, there are fewer errors, all referring to an old corruption in etl.project:

checking changesets
checking manifests
 manifest@?: rev 77023 points to unexpected changeset 77029
 manifest@?: c985380b8c93 not in changesets
crosschecking files in changesets and manifests
checking files
 etl.project/src/org/netbeans/modules/etl/project/msgs.properties@77029: b3e16bfc5fbc
   in manifests not found
117594 files, 150470 changesets, 588795 total revisions
3 integrity errors encountered!
(first damaged changeset appears to be 77029)

and this shows correct output for the abovementioned command:

$ hg log -l1 -v applemenu/src/org/netbeans/modules/applemenu/layer.xml
changeset:   149796:2cd542ac6129
user:        Vita Stejskal <vstejskal@netbeans.org>
date:        Tue Oct 13 16:42:52 2009 +0200
files:       applemenu/src/org/netbeans/modules/applemenu/layer.xml ....
#157325: fixing keybindings for rename (both in-place and full scale refactoring) actions

In a repo known to suffer from the pull problem (/hudson/workdir/jobs/python/workspace), debugindex initially showed nothing for 47098e67a01d. After hg pull -r cedc6b47df33, it showed

 149496  1101500220   18600  149016  149756 47098e67a01d 105f357cc25b 1c584c823513

where 149756 is cedc6b47df33. At this point it seems possible to pull normally.

vstejskal created d29a273d9541 and cedc6b47df33 using Hg 1.3 on Mac OS X.


Still no real idea what caused original error, though an interrupted Hg operation (fetch?) was probably involved.

Fortunately, no damage occurred to actual changesets, only the backward linkrevs in the repository's manifest. This means that the problem can be corrected on a particular repo clone while retaining identity of existing changesets.

Running the attached scripts corrects the new issues. A little cumbersome, but very quick once hg verify has been run.

Also, the old verify errors (from etl.project) can be corrected; just need to hg pull -r tip using a dev version of Hg (can then hg pull to get any remaining named branches if applicable).

contrib/shrink-revlog.py also reduces 00manifest.d size by 82%, and thus total .hg size by 43% - a substantial improvement. Beware that this can take many hours at 100% CPU (but little disk activity) to run to completion.

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