Groovy Development Plan for NetBeans 7.2

Version: 0.1 - draft

Disclaimer: The content of this NetBeans development wiki page is intended for pre-planning purposes ONLY. The development, release, and timing of any feature or functionality described here should not be treated as final, and is subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Oracle. For information about NetBeans software releases please visit the NetBeans Roadmap or the NetBeans Release Planning wiki.

This document is a collection of ideas that should be done in NetBeans Groovy support area during NetBeans 7.2 time frame. Probably not every feature, item will be done, but it's mentioned to track it for next releases.


Priority Task Notes Status
P1 Fix imports At the moment there is no easy way to fix imports as we are used to from Java editor. There should be a context menu action with binded shortcut to fix all imports (see issue 155567) and also a hint to fix concrete import statement (see issue 155569) DONE
P1 Groovy test runner Currently there is a problem when running Java and Groovy tests together (see issue 159256).
P3 Refactoring support In the current state there is no refactoring support for Groovy files. At least few basic operations should be implemented (Move, Rename, Copy, Find usages). See issues 151568, 159871, 145225
P3 Fast import Would be also good to have fast import as in Java editor (see issue 155566).
P3 Groovy operators support We don't have proper support for some Groovy operators so far (see issue 151034).


Priority Task Notes Status
P1 Groovy parser in Grails projects is too slow The current Groovy parser is really slow for Grails projects (180230 for more details). DONE


Priority Task Notes Status
P2 Create Groovy project type It's quite confusing that there isn't Groovy project type in new project wizard and only Grails project is visible to the user (see issue 187681)
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