Groovy Development Plan

In progress, not final version

This document contains a compilation of Groovy/Grails features and task, which should be done in NetBeans 6.7 timeframe.

Features, RFEs and tasks are sorted by priorities, top-down, meaning P1 as the highest priority. Thus it's very likely that features on top of the list will be implemented firstly. The features in bold are usually larger ones, mainly concerning the time needed to implement them (but just a guess, might be wrong estimation). Also this features should be split in smaller tasks.

P1 - must have feature, task. Without it IDE might be even awkward to use. Almost bug. Will be fixed soon
P2 - usually known, wanted feature, already requested by more users
P3 - would be very nice to have
P4 - others ideas

Priority Tasks and features for 6.7 Who Issues Specs & Notes Milestone
P1 Reliable code completion in groovy files Matthias 151985 M2
P1 Grails code completion Matthias 151983 M1 (PoC), M2
P1 Enable GlassFish v3 for Grails development Petr, Matthias as support 151982 GrailsGlassFish3 M2
P2 Refactoring support Petr 151987 Just groovy, not mixed refactoring
P3 Initial scan performance improvement
P3 GSP code completion Petr will investigate Current state must be investigated first
P3 Error badges GSF api should provide support for this
P3 Various Grails project enhancements Anybody interested , , , , 145549, , 152008 These are usually just small items M1
P3 Better Grails plugin support
P3 Type inference
P3 Debugging Nice to have, investigate grails debugging
P3 Universal support for error badges
P4 Grails datasource configurations with wizard
P4 War deployment
P4 Improve test coverage
P3 Platform manager for Groovy/Grails Matthias will investigate Check groovy major release for 7.0 - decision based on groovy platform. Discuss with groovy guys.

NetBeans 6.5 Community Acceptance survey (Groovy related items)

  • Improved code completion for groovy/grails
  • Support for deploying grails application to glassfish
  • Groovy debugging
  • Continued expansion of support for Groovy
  • Groovy Support
  • Better groovy/grails support including debugging
  • More efficient code completion and editing for Groovy files

NetBeans 6.5 patch candidates

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