Graph Library Print Feature API Review

Submitter: Kris.Richards@Sun.COM

Type: Fast Track

Short Description

This addition to the Graph Library API is absolutely trivial. The request is to add a convenience class (within a separate package) to allow users to print from the library.

Target Milestone

NetBeans 6.1


There are currently no dependencies on this addition. These new classes depend only on standard JDK classes.

Change in Current Architecture

The current architecture exposes org.netbeans.api.visual to other modules. The implementations are hidden in the org.netbeans.modules.visual package. The plan is to add a package, print, to the api package which will contain a single final class, ScenePrinter, with seven convenience static print methods. These print calls pass through to a master print method after setting desired parameters. This master print call instantiates a org.netbeans.modules.visual.print.PageableScene implementation that will perform the actual printing. This implementation will be hidden in an added print package within the modules package.

Summary of Changes (see org.netbeans.api.visual.print package in attached Javadoc,

  • adding (public): org.netbeans.api.visual.print.ScenePrinter (see code in
  • adding (private): org.netbeans.modules.visual.print.PageableScene (see code in


            <api name="general"/>
            <summary>Add scene printing feature.</summary>
            <version major="2" minor="11"/>
            <date day="26" month="2" year="2008"/>
            <author login="krichards"/>
            <compatibility addition="yes"/>
                Added a convenience class (within a separate 
                package) to allow users to print a Scene according to standard constraints.
            <package name="org.netbeans.api.visual.print" link="yes"/>
            <issue number="128388"/>

Impacted Interfaces

There are no current interfaces being impacted by this addition

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