• improve a way to stop grails app (it is currently hidden in Grails -> Stop application)
  • ie. JUnit not on the classpath (create some grails file, open its integration test => class declaration has an error annotation in the editor)
  • endless loop when creating view for domain that already has a view


  • delete does not work
  • missing IDE wide project related actions on the project node (new, run, debug, test, copy, rename etc.) - partially fixed
  • FEATURE: offer automatic upgrade of the application when opened


  • new grails file is not opened in the IDE (try ie for the new controller - the wizard is there on the controllers node)
  • caused by wrong guess of the created file - GrailsClassUtils.getClassNameRepresentation should be used
  • enabled buttons in wizard (disabled after 2nd click but then there's NPE)
  • Rails has "Generate..." action, Grails should have something similar


  • missing default name for the grails project
  • rails shows Rake file grails could show build.xml (in project view)
  • this is bit unclear - build.xml is afaik just "bridge" to ant, not much useful for grails development imo (phejl)
  • created file textfield in grails files wizards contains incorrect final name of created file (ie for "something" there should be "Something")
    - duplicate of the first P3
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