NetBeans Governance 2011

This page will serve as a central index for plans, status updates, meeting minutes and other documents related to the NetBeans Governance Board elected in April, 2011. This board is composed of the following three members:

  • John Jullion-Ceccarelli (NetBeans Engineering Manager, appointed by Oracle)
  • Sven Reimers (elected by the NetBeans community)
  • Tom Wheeler (elected by the NetBeans community)

Editing This Page

This page is only intended to be edited by the board members themselves so that they can organize and publicize information related to their work on the board. We therefore ask that others honor our request to not modify this page. You may contact the board via by e-mail (

The Board's Purpose

As per the existing charter, the Governance Board has two main functions. Most importantly, it "has the high-level duty to ensure that the project is run in a fair and open manner." The board also serves as a forum of last resort to resolve disputes and grievances which may occur in the project.

Mission Statement

The following mission statement defines what we want to achieve during this term. All our efforts must somehow align with this mission:

  • The NetBeans project aims to produce tools which bring significant value to the developers who use them. NetBeans is open source and its development takes place in the open. We do this because we're excited about NetBeans and we know that by making it widely available, more people will try it and this enthusiasm will spread. Our users are also developers, so they have unique insight for new features that will help to improve NetBeans. We recognize that we have a unique opportunity to transform passive users into an active community and we want to encourage this by constantly identifying and eliminating barriers that limit this participation. We're confident that the result will be a better, more innovative product used by a community who has an investment in its success.

Goals for 2011 Term

The following are tentative goals we'd like to complete within our term. These are intended to be less abstract than the mission statement and we'll use them to determine specific tasks we can schedule and then complete.

  • Improve relevant communications between Oracle and the NetBeans community
  • Resolve known, high-priority issues with the infrastructure
  • Establish procedures and schedule for electing the next board.
  • Rewrite the governance model to reflect the current challenges and opportunities, in accordance with the mission statement above. Once this is ratified by the board, the Web site must be updated to reflect this; especially to remove any outdated or inaccurate information related to project's open source nature and governance.

Other Notes

Although I have not mentioned it elsewhere, it's important that NetBeans (continue to) be a meritocracy. Minority opinions should heard, but the influence that someone should have is in direct proportion to their contributions.

Tom, John and Sven are all on board with the goals listed here (May 16)


  • John: checking with PMs on mission statement for NetBeans
  • John: checking with Web team about edit access to for trusted community members and also whether they will add a link from the download page to the mirror site Tom plans to set up.

Agenda for Next Board Meeting

Schedule for Future Board Meetings

During the 24 May, 2011 meeting we agreed to meet at 11 AM Central US time on the first Tuesday of each month. This means that future meetings will be held on the following dates:

  • 5 July, 2011
  • 7 June, 2011
  • 2 August, 2011
  • 13 September, 2011 (moved from 4 September due to scheduling conflict)
  • 11 October, 2011 (moved from 4 October due to JavaOne)

Minutes for Previous Board Meetings

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