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Plan for NetBeans 7.2

Grid Designer Improvements

Gap Support

Expand the current (minimal) support for gap columns/rows: (Petr, Honza)

  • support non-uniform gaps (allow modification of a size of a specific gap column/row)
  • allow to resize a component into a gap column/row (i.e., support pairs of components with no gap between them even in grids that are using gaps)
  • advanced DnD - when a component is dropped into a gap column then this column is split into three columns (gap, component, gap), etc.

Infrastructure Improvements

In long term (post-NetBeans 7.2) we would like the grid-designer to be used not only for GridBagLayout but also for other table-based layout manager like TableLayout, FormLayout, MigLayout, etc. (or even for non-Swing table-based layout design like CSS3 Grid).

The current version of the grid designer is written already such that it can support other Swing table-based layout managers, but some of its APIs have to be extended to cover features not present in the only layout supported so far (GridBagLayout).

Component Morphing

Issue 112250 Form/component morphing (Honza)

Allow to replace component with a component of a different (but usually a similar) type. For example, allow to replace JTextField by JFormattedTextField.

The replacement should be performed such that the following settings are kept (if possible):

  • location of the component in the layout
  • values of modified properties
  • registered event handlers

JDK 7 Support

Issue 198434 JLayer support (Honza)

Handle JLayer as a container, i.e., allow to set JLayer's view property using DnD (similar to setting viewportView property of JScrollPane).

Issue 198792 Better handling of generified JComboBox and JList (Honza)

Type parameters were added to JComboBox and JList in JDK 7. GUI Builder already allows to set the corresponding type arguments manually, but we should set them automatically (if possible). Some investigation is needed in this area to make sure that we don't make more harm by such automatic setting then by forcing the user to set them manually.

JDeveloper Integration Requirements

We expect some additional requirements to arise as the core of NetBeans GUI Builder is being integrated into JDeveloper. (Honza)

Small Enhancements

Of course, we plan several small enhancements of the existing functionality. Below you can find some of them:

Issue 81791 Class browser for Choose Bean (Petr)

Issue 198432 Prioritization/categorization of event handlers (Honza)

Issue 185212 valueClass support in JFormattedTextField (Honza)

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