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Plan for NetBeans 7.1

Image:yes_EditorPlan68.pngIssue 136425 Free Design improvements (Honza/Tomas, 30dd)

Image:yes_EditorPlan68.pngIssue 198317 Support for alignOnBaseline property of FlowLayout (Honza, 3dd)

Image:yes_EditorPlan68.pngIssue 198427 Support for columnWeights, columnWidths, rowHeights, rowWeights fields of GridBagLayout (Honza, 6dd)

Image:yes_EditorPlan68.pngIssue 198435 Gap support in grid designer (Petr, 18dd)

Image:no_EditorPlan68.pngIssue 198434 JLayer support (Petr, 10dd)

Image:no_EditorPlan68.pngIssue 81791 Class browser for Choose Bean (Petr, 7dd)

Image:no_EditorPlan68.pngIssue 198432 Prioritization/categorization of event handlers (Petr, 5dd)

Image:no_EditorPlan68.pngIssue 185212 valueClass support in JFormattedTextField (Petr, 5dd)

Image:yes_EditorPlan68.pngIssue 198433 Visualization of insets/relatives/remainders (Petr, 5dd)

Nice to have features

This section contains a list of features that we may include if we finish faster (or drop for some reason) some of the features mentioned above.

Issue 198429 Preview improvements

Issue 198436 SwingX integration

Issue 185788 Tab reorder using DnD

Parallel work on post-7.1 features

GUI Builder Framework (Honza, 30dd)

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