Current state

1. GUI Builder has its section of settings in the Miscellaneous category of the new Options dialog:

2. This UI contains most useful settings, but not all. Complete GUI builder's settings are available in the old Options UI based on property sheet (aka "Advanced Options"):

Suggested Redesign

The old "Advanced Options" is going to be eleminated, settings that make sense to preserve need to be moved to the new Options dialog. The GUI Builder section under Miscallaneous will be extended to accommodate the new settings.

Resulting settings and categorization (exact wording and layout TBD):

Code Generation:

  • Generate Components as: Local Variables / Fields (radio buttons)
  • Variable Modifier: (combo box)
  • Listener Generation Style: (combo box)
  • Default Event Variable Name: (text field)
  • Layout Generation Style: (combo box)
  • Use Indentation Engine (check box)
  • Fold Generated Code (check box)


  • Selection Color (color chooser)
  • Selection Thickness (text field)
  • Guide Line Color (color chooser)
  • Drag Feedback Color (color chooser)


  • Automatic Resource Management / I18n (combobox)
  • Assistant in Designer (check box)

Open Questions

Not all possible color settings are included.

  • ... but we can probably live with that. Can add later if they appear missing.

What to do with 'Generate Mnemonics'? It is a valid options for NB platform developers, but confusing for other people (i.e. majority of our users).

  • Perhaps can be removed - we can probably determine the default value based on type of project.

What to do with the specific absolute layout's grid settings? (Apply Grid to Position, Apply Grid to Size, Grid X, Grid Y)

  • Let's keep them for now, but consider placing them somewhat separately, so they are easy to remove later.
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