Tech Council questions and comments on FitnessForever

NetBeans Tech Council open questions and comments related to the FitnessForever proposal, which will be discussed at the tech council meeting on Thu, Dec 4.

# Open Question/Comment/Issue Resolution
1. I found bugs relating to some features not being accessible, e.g. Web Service Client wizard in Java SE project (154538), or Groovy functionality in Java SE project (154539). How will these be addressed? [[[PJ | [PJ]]
2. Will module writers be required to use different APIs, techniques or programming style, to make sure the features they develop are properly visible even with FitnessForever? Or does everything work transparently, and there are no changes in current code needed (apart from apparent bugs)? If the former, then old APIs should be deprecated/removed (following the API review process). [[[PJ | [PJ]] There is the Static Analysis and Dynamic Verification as described at FitnessForever
3. If changes were made in NetBeans modules, will developers be asked to review the changes in the components they own? [[[PJ | [PJ]] Of course.
4. How will NetBeans developers be consulted/notified about the upcoming change, and the fact that some functionality will be unavailable to the users? In the past, we ran into surprises, when NetBeans developers were not notified about a high impact change. [[[PJ | [PJ]] By presenting this change to TechCouncil as that is one of its missions.
5. In the NetBeans 5.5 times, when we had the base IDE and "packs", we had the problem that noone was testing all the functionality together, and after installing the base IDE with all the packs, things did not work together from the performance, UI, consistency etc. point of view. How do we make sure we don't fall into the same trap? [[[PJ | [PJ]]
6. Starting the IDE with all features disabled will make the "IDE being unusable after startup syndrom" worse - because of the necessity to enable modules. How do we counter that? [[[PJ | [PJ]] "IDE being unusable after startup syndrom" is something completely different. We'll attack that with FitnessViaParsingAndIndexing and FitnessViaDeclaration. FitnessForever is not really related to that.
7. UI spec: the "High-level features" almost match the features defined on the NB download page - but not quite. What is the exact mapping between these?
Moreover, these high-level features do not correspond to clusters, as the spec incorrectly states. E.g. the profiler, identity and xml clusters do not have a corresponding feature in the spec. The exact relationship between the features (in the sense of this document) and clusters, and possibly kits, should be defined. [[[PJ | [PJ]]
8. UI spec: when features are not enabled, Open Project dialog displays the same generic icon for all projects, rather than specific icons for each project. This should be mentioned in the UI spec. [[[PJ | [PJ]] UI Spec Updated
9. How is VCS affected? VCS Checkout is listed as one of entry points so my impression was that you want to enable VCS systems "on demand". However, all of them are present in the ide cluster and the proposal is to turn whole clusters on/off. [[[MS | [MS]] here is the info
10. Is not this concept too broad (rough)? Should not we turn/off individual modules/features instead? Does "ergonomics" in fact encourage creation of more clusters with fewer modules (to really pinpoint needed functionality)? [[[MS | [MS]] I guess we need to balance between flexibility and testability. Read more...

PJ: Petr Jiricka MS: Maros Sandor

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