Ergonomics IDE Preintegration Testing Dec 4-5

Name Area of responsibility Go/No Go Issues
Rashid Urusov Profiler GO . No new issues.
Andrey Komarov AU, JH, utilities NoGo. Couldn't view PDF files within the IDE 154790
Ken Frank I18N done very basic testing in ja locale of various entry points;also did manual enable of some module in options and also new userdir with ergo cluster commented out and both times ergo did not state it was loading those modules, which is what would be expected
Jindra Sedek/Lukas Jungmann J2EE, Groovy, Ruby very basic check of groovy editors, grails support, ruby support, ruby editors, web applications 154713,154883,155520
Alexander Pepin CND NoGo due to 154756 154756 154764 154770 154771
Andrei Chistiakov Mobility Go. Basic scenarios went smoothly 154734
Mikhail Matveev PHP GO. Whole pack of stable automated tests passed successfully after manual activation of PHP module.
Filip Zamboj J2SE Debugger, Form NoGo for debugger - because of 154608, 154573 GO for form - very basic test but it looks like it's fine, one issue but since 6.5 so filed under form.ui 154797 debugger: 154737, 154703, 154743, 154608, 154573, 153922, 154451, 154482 form: 154797
Jara Uhrik Maven NoGo - cannot create NetBeans archetypes-154817 and also cannot create HTML in j2se or maven project-154704 154683, 154704, 154749, 154817
Petr Dvorak Java, J2SE Projects NoGo - Java/JavaSE project themselves do not have any serious issues, but some supporting parts does:
- Options Dialog is not updated after plugins are installed (IDE restart needed - all the "ergonomics" is useless so)
- "Editing Files" plugin is not enabled by default
154646, 154650, 154732, 154711, 154767
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