The registration of servers is flawed and not properly reviewed API. As such it causes periodical regressions like Issue 175932. To eliminate such problems and also make the registration more performance and installer friendly, the following shall happen:

Change in the way installer and serverplugins communicate when installing Tomcat and Glassfish. It seems that right now the installer sets a property in etc/netbeans.conf and various j2eeservers, when started, use this property and write something into $userdir/config/GlassFish, etc. This is flawed from performance point of view (the modules do some work on start, sooner then user needs to use them) as well as unnecessary complicated.

We need the installer to create the file directly in nb6.9/config/GlassFish directory. Let's track this as Issue 179249.

Related problem is that the system is incapable to recognize a registration without querying all registered serverplugins. Again, it is desirable to have some mapping between registration and serverplugin and load just the desired one.

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