Everyone is in Performance Team!

For release in Dec, 2009

Performance is an important focus of every NetBeans release. Just like in case of previous 6.7 version, the release 6.8 contains many significant improvements that we are proud of. The most important however is success in increasing the number of people that actively help improving responsiveness and speed of the NetBeans IDE.

A clever addition to already present revolutionary profile me! functionality resulted in a marriage between automatic slowness detector and exception reporter tool. This synergy allows, first time in history, to observe real, in the field UI responsiveness problems. When they happen, it is just a matter of few clicks to report detailed information about such issues into our bug tracking system. As a result we much better understand our user problems and can concentrate on fixing the most painful ones primarily. Also this means that every user of the NetBeans IDE is capable to provide sufficiently detailed report about own performance sufferings. That is magnificent! Welcome to the performance team!

Significant speed boost has also been achieved in the area of parsing and indexing. The 6.7 release introduced new unified parsing and indexing infrastructure. However new inventions usually require a little bit of time to become matured. That is why a dedicated team bringing together the performance experienced engineers and editor and parsing infrastructure experts has been formed for 6.8. It is our pleasure to report that this joined forces managed to significantly speedup the indexing time and optimize editor navigation on real world projects. It was so great to have such extended performance team!

As usually, scalability remained on our radar. We have improved various subsystems including actions management, options registration, and others to do more while requiring less time, code and memory. All of this resulted in less resources consumed by NetBeans IDE and less (performance related) bugs. Together with our strong emphasis on testing and prevention of regressions we are proud to deliver the best and most effective NetBeans release!

Enjoy your NetBeans IDE and help us make it better. Join the performance team!

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