Fitness for 6.5 FAQs

Q: Is there anything new in the editor area for 6.5 release?

Code completition faster to appear by 40% (4 times faster since 5.5) and, also we have more than 30% faster Rename and Move refactoring operations.

Q: The project explorer used to be quite slow, has that been improved?

  • 1st time expanding folders at least 2 times faster (on local disk)
  • even bigger improvement for projects under a version control systems or on network disks (can be even 5 times faster or more compared to 6.1) much better scaling with extreme number of files in a folder

Q: I am really annoyed with scanning of files after startup. Can I turn that off?

Not really, but we made it much faster for 6.5 release:

  • Almost 2 times faster "up-to-date scan" of projects after startup
  • 25% faster scan of binaries files (libraries)

Q: I can see you have support for PHP, but I do not need that language. Does that mean my IDE will be slower?

Managed to keep or slightly improve (10%) the clean cold startup time, in spite of IDE growth in number and size of modules. And also we fixed more than 100 individual performance issues (P1-P3).

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