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Release 6.1 is over and that means our performance improvements made for it are becoming history. See the 6.1 fitness page if interested in the 6.1 performance effort. However as the performance work is almost never over, as there is still a lot of things to improve, it is time to look at the new beginning. This is the entrance page to the world of scalability, stability, UI responsiveness, memory leaks and other performance fixes for release 6.5.

Critical Areas for NetBeans 6.5

Press Release

To get an overall picture of what the improvements look like for the users, read the Performance Press Release. If you wonder why we started our work with a press release, read about Working Backwards. In case you want to know more read our FAQs


  • 6.1 Performance - homepage of the 6.1 performance effort (aka Visible improvements in critical areas)
  • FitnessIsWhen - study to find out how exactly people perceive performance of NetBeans IDE
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