The most important issue, which I found is deadlock during editing the xml file by hand ad the second big problem is that when you play with the editor (selecting pages, zoom in and zoom out), switching to the xml and back, editing xml after some time I have 100 % CPU and NetBeans are unusable. It looks like a memory problem.

There are some small problems and UI issues:

  1. NPE during renaming
  2. IllegalStateException during deleting case
  3. NPE during deleting page
  4. When you create new Web Application with JSF framework the editor is blank. It's not much intuitive how to add a page to the editor
  5. There is wrong contex menu over the editor tab. There should be Close All Documents, Close Other Documents ....
  6. Sometimes the layout is reordered when you switching between view and xml
  7. The positions of graph elements are not persisted. After opening the editor again, there is a default layout, not the same as you had before closing.
  8. There should be way how to see whole model at one screen. Something like double click on the free space in view. The problem is when you have large model or you drag a page and place far from the other pages, then it's very hard to find it.
  9. There should be action for reordering to a default layout
  10. When you select more pages, you should be able to move with all selected elements. Now you can move with only one, even if there are selected more.
  11. There is inconsistence with * in the editor tam. When you change something in editor, then the mark * appear in the editor tab. But when
  12. Undo/ Redo Action are not reflected in the Page flow Editor.
  13. From Action property has sometimes null value in Properties editor.
  14. When the editor is open and the file is Mel Formatted - no warning.
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