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Status of the Feature
Package Since
image:Echo-package-16px.pngnetbeans 6.8-6.fc13
image:Echo-package-16px.pngnetbeans-platform 6.8-2.fc13

All RPM packages of the NetBeans clusters that rely on versioning also provide Virtual Packages.

The UML Diagram below explains how a virtual package introduced by a package is visible in the RPM packages system.

UML Diagram: Introducing of the Virtual Package.

The virtual package name is implemented to specify a capability of the package to provide a certain version of the cluster.

After introducing of the virtual package there are two options for referring to the cluster package:

  • via the package name, e.g. netbeans-platform
  • via the virtual package name, e.g netbeans-platform11


The virtual package name can be considered as an second name of the cluster package that contains a version of the cluster. It can be used in spec file of a package to specify requirement for a certain version of the cluster, e.g.

Requires: netbeans-platform11
This approach can be also used in a spec file of the application that requires certain version of the NetBeans platform. In this case, package of the application will define dependency on the correct version of the NetBeans platform even if required version is provided by the next NetBeans release.
rather than a package name
Requires: netbeans-platform
You can also use the virtual package names in requests to the yum repositories, e.g.:
$ repoquery -a --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=rawhide --whatprovides netbeans-platform11

$ yum --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=rawhide provides netbeans-platform11 Loaded plugins: presto, refresh-packagekit netbeans-platform-6.8-2.fc13.noarch : NetBeans Platform 11 Repo  : rawhide Matched from:

Other  : netbeans-platform11


See Fedora Packages Structure

See also UML Diagram: NetBeans 6.8 RPMs

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