Overview of Features of PHP support

This document contains an overview of features, which can be done between EA and the first version of PHP support.

List of features that will be added for the first version of PHP support

Priority Task Notes
P1 Finishing and stabilizing features in EA The list of features implemented in EA
P1 Support PHP 5.3 To support PHP 5.3 features -> changing PHP lexer, PHP parser, indexing ...
P2 Run/Debug Configurations User can switch between different configurations (run/debug in browser, run/debug in commandline)
P2 FTP support Upload and download actions for the project and files
P3 Editing PHP files outside a project User can just open any php file get access to as many editor features as possible
P4 Built in PHP Binary Libraries Provide signature files for binary libraries and ui, which allows to add such signature file to the PHP Include Path
P4 PHP Libraries Allow the user to define PHP libraries and put them in the PHP Include Path

List of features which should be done in the first version, but there are not resources

P2 Refactoring This should be coordinated with rafactoring of html, css, javascript and other non java files.
P2 Frameworks Support for a PHP framework (Zend Framework or CakePHP framework)
P2 PHP Unit Support for PHP Unit tests
P3 Profiler Profiling PHP code using XDebug

Dependences on the other teams

  • Core Team
  • Editor team
  • GSF
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